The Second Partner

It was already the last day of this month, I already got to buy my first rod and some fodder fish so I can go fishing on the sea that on the back of my house a bit far after walking on the forest. I just buy a common rood that been sell on the … Continue reading The Second Partner

What Plant is Better

“hmmhaaah” after I think 5 hours in this floor 4 I take a break in the stair that will lead me to floor 5. Using some potion to heal the scar I got from fighting in this floor, there is time I got worst luck in some room where I aiming my 2 dagger to … Continue reading What Plant is Better


After sometime walking following the lead of this villager I then see some house that I think maybe it is my destination. The house is build from wood wall and a bit long and in front of its entrance there is veranda like connect to its door. In the front of this veranda there is … Continue reading Schedule